Team Pink are the team of the Executive Officers and Assistants who are responsible for the running and development of the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation.

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Thomas Stevens

What I've done
  • SAGGA: Met with the SAGGA Committee with some others on Team Pink to introduce ourselves, have a bit of a chat, and also start working together with the reinstatement of a SAGGA Liaison officer.
  • Getting Started Meetings: Met with the newly-elected events for the coming year(s) and got them thinking of what to do next
  • SASU: Met with Dave Thompson, manager on all national SASUs and went though the ins and outs of Compass for SASUs. Dave was lovely, Compass was not.
  • Handover: If you haven't seen our handover agenda(s), you're in for a shock with the amount of stuff that was discussed. As a committee we've got the ball rolling on many things, and I reckon we're successfully avoiding feeling like Indiana Jones on keeping ahead of it all!
What I'm working on
  • Higher Powers: Build rapport with The Scout Association and Girlguiding as the new SSAGO chair.
  • Pink & Efficient: Hone the efficiency of Team Pink by chairing the meetings with an iron mute button, keeping them as quick as possible so we don't have another 8-hour meeting and hate each other...
  • Shoulder to lean on: Be there for support, both formally and as a friend, for event committees and others with the stress of running big things like rallies, and little things too!
  • Personal: I'm coming to the end of an MEng! Please bear with me as I focus on exams, vivas and assignments; my mum says I should focus on this degree as I've gotten into so much debt with it...

Last updated 31/05/2022, 15:18

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Nicholas Bond

What I've done
  • Emails: lots of emails! 'tis the life of a secretary... I haven't always been the speediest at responding, but that's often to give Team Pink the best chance to review things - better a thorough response than a rushed one!
  • TSA & GG: I've been arranging and attending meetings with TSA and GG, regarding our relationship.
  • Team Pink Meetings: I've started Team Pink into a pattern of "fortnightly meetings", which hopefully we will maintain to keep on top of our ever-growing todo lists. I'm yet to fully settle into the rhythm of publishing agendas and minutes of these but that should get better very soon.
  • Summer Reps: I've also been kept busy with setting up the next Reps meeting, scheduled for Rally Of Games.
What I'm working on
  • Summer Reps: As the nearest thing, it's certainly where most of my Pink time is going right now.
  • Projects: I'm pleased to say we are currently in the process of setting up a new project! I have a number of other projects on my radar for reinvigoration; they'll each need a project leader with a small team behind them to look after them, so watch this space!
  • Archive: I plan to have a detailed discussion of the current state of the SSAGO archives with Charlotte, and what we can do with them.
  • Events: I will be working with Ant and Leon to set up some SSAGO Support events, predominantly Wellies & Wristbands and Gilwell Reunion - if there are others you think we should look into, get in touch!

Last updated 05/06/2022, 16:39

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Benjamin Gane

What I've done
  • Account Access: Good news! The mandate has been processed and all of team pink are all signatories for Lloyds. Bad news is that the bank decided to give me access to only 1 of the we're almost there.
  • Event Budget Template: This has now been completed for events to use and will be having meetings with event treasurers to show them how it works.
  • Yearly Account Summaries: I have generated a new account summary for 2020-21, that not only now compares other SSAGO years annual review to the current one, but should also be inline for charity status. This has been sent of to SAGGA to review before creating the 2021-22 accounts. That set of accounts will be especially difficult given we changed from HSBC to Lloyds last year.
What I'm working on
  • Accounts: Within the next month I should finally have access to the SSAGO accounts, in which I can then make sure all the annual reports are complete from the past couple of years.
  • Budget: I will be working on keeping a main SSAGO budget for the year ready for future treasurers.
  • Events: I can now begin giving new committees access to their event accounts. On top of this I plan to set up a few more accounts for other events to use to the SSAGO system.

Last updated 24/07/2022, 11:42

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Leon Brindley

What I've done
  • Social media campaigns: I've consistently promoted National SSAGO on social media, including events like Once Upon A Ball and Rally of Games, special events like 2022's SSAGO Awards and NSGSO/NSGCB Summer Concerts and key dates like Mental Health Awareness Week and Eid.
  • SSAGO News: I created SSAGO News articles for this year's Cutlery Cup, Committee Colander and SSAGO Commendations, and created new cover pages for each SSAGO Newsletter edition.
  • Awards: I coordinated a new collection of SSAGO Commendations, and handed them out at Once Upon A Ball.
  • Photos: I've updated SSAGO's Publicity Officer Photo Library with plenty of new photos from Isle of Wight Revolution and Once Upon A Ball.
  • Discord: Updated lots of details on the SSAGO Discord, including launching a new Welcome Screen and creating events for Rally of Games, Amalgam and Rali Cymru.
  • SSAGO Support: I've launched event pages on the SSAGO website and Facebook for Wellies and Wristbands 2022.
  • Handover: I've continued to contribute to lots of general SSAGO tasks over our busy Handover period!
What I'm working on
  • SSAGO Support: Promote and coordinate exciting new SSAGO Support opportunities, including Wellies and Wristbands!
  • SSAGO News: Share more stories from SSAGO events and socials through our SSAGO News platform!
  • Online publicity: Continue to widely promote SSAGO online. I've already scheduled future posts for SSAGO's social media accounts, including for Pride Month and the upcoming Platinum Jubilee Weekend.

Last updated 09/06/2022, 01:29

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Rose Moran

What I've done
  • Regions: In preparation for reps I have been looking at what regions exist and potential new ones going forward. I have also been coming up with ideas of how people can be a part of multiple regions.
  • SSAGO Newsletter: Sorting out the April newsletter and thinking of ways to sustainably continue it going forward.
  • Eurovision: I sorted out the SSAGO Eurovision on discord for the 2022 final.
  • New Clubs: We now have 2 new clubs set up! Warick SSAGO has been reopened and Gloucestershire SSAGO is brand new.
What I'm working on
  • Newsletter: Potentially changing to a bi-monthly or seasonal newsletter so that it can be more sustainable and be packed with a wider variety of articles.
  • Regions: To implement the new regional system over the summer.

Last updated 07/06/2022, 22:08

The Assistants

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Joe Barnes

What I've done
  • Neckers: We have neckers now!
  • Popup Shop: A pop-up shop was opened to allow people to buy neckers and badges. This involved a full stock recount and updating the catalogue on the website. Some orders are still outstanding from this but will be dispatched shortly.
  • Uniform Badges: We need to restock the uniform badges, the current design is decades old and is no longer in line with the updated Scout uniform badges - diamonds are for top awards, SASU badges should be rectangular like the network badges. I have suggested new designs and passed to Leon for finalisation.
  • New Merch: I have contacted companies with regard to getting new merchandise; travel mugs, bobble hats and sunglasses are on my list at the moment, but as always you can suggest ideas via
  • Viking Rally: The shop was open in person at Viking Rally, when I wasn't cooking hundreds of sausage rolls!
What I'm working on
  • New Merch: Continue getting new merch options into the Shop.
  • Re-open I am in the process of contacting people with order issues and out of stock items so that the full SSAGO shop can re-open and be running properly in the next few months. New uniform badges will clear out about half of the remaining orders.
  • POS Efficiency: I'm working with Oli to make the shiny new electronic Shop system work more efficiently for us, including being able to use it as a more integrated till at Rally, which will make stock control much easier and mean that hopefully none of these problems we’ve had will happen again...

Last updated 23/02/2022, 17:14

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Charlotte Simmons

What I've done
  • Sadly its been a quiet few months for me due to personal circumstances (the rest of Team Pink are aware of the reasons) however I have been involved in IOW Revolution and have been working recently with Team Pink and the Rally of Games committee to help get a SSAGO camp blanket to exist alongside the necker banner.
  • I have also responded to some archive enquiries although if I have forgotten to reply to you please feel free to prod me!
What I'm working on
  • Continue to work on Amalgam ideas as well as the archives online project.
  • Work to support the SSAGO camp blanket going forward

Last updated 15/06/2022, 08:49

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Conni Schmitt

What I've done
  • International attendance to Rally: I promoted Rally of Games to our known SSAGO connections, and established contact with a group in Finnland. In the end, myself and one other Dutch scout are attending
  • International members: promoted SSAGO to student scouts and guides, getting international members involved on Discord
  • African Rover Moot: working on SSAGO attendance, which will likely be possible (pending some buerocratic hurdles)
  • Other International events: promoted international opportunities for SSAGO-aged scouts and guides, among them BuLa which will be attended by a SSAGOer
  • Gave advice to SSAGOers considering Explorer Belts in countries I have lived in (Germany, Ireland)
  • Other activities: involvement with RoG, particularly a fundraising badge and the Rally+ summercamp
What I'm working on
  • International attendence at SSAGO events: I'll be in touch with Irish, Dutch, German and other international student scout groups and invite them to both virtual and in-person SSAGO events
  • SSAGO visiting international events: I will keep an eye and an ear out for events by international student scouting groups (like the Irish Rover Intervarsities) and hope to make it possible for SSAGO members to join. Currently, this is trying to get a SSAGO contingent to the African Rover Moot.
  • Answering questions by internationals: I'm more than happy to be contacted by exchange students, both incoming and outgoing, and get them in contact with local clubs if there is one known to SSAGO!
  • Promoting an international atmosphere within SSAGO: Discord has done an awesome job at getting SSAGOers and student scouts from different coutries talk to each other - my goal is that this international community is preserved even after lockdown is over!

Last updated 14/06/2022, 10:58

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Oli Bills

What I've done
  • SSAGO ID: Introduction of QR code-based SSAGO ID which can be used for all manner of things from registration and check in to dietary requirements to spending money
  • SSAGO App: Continuing development work on the SSAGO app, with the hopes of having it available for Rally of Games
  • SSAGO Game Platform: Developed a platform that can be used for location-based games, such as ClueGo
  • SSAGO Credit: Exploring a consistent credit based system for future SSAGO events for finances, rather than using event-specific tokens or similar and to provide a better transaction-fee-free alternative
  • Event System improvements: Better improvements to the SSAGO events system for things like export, information, teams, Q&A and similar
  • Team Pink improvements: Blog, reps, spam improvements and introduction of national event reports
  • Event support: Helping out Rally of Games, Amalgam and Rali Cymru with their event systems and bookings, along with other events, such as the BUGS reunion.
  • Supported exec in new technical requirements (e.g. blog, commendations, improvements to team pink administration and reps)
What I'm working on
  • Web Hack Weekend and Webteam: Putting together the web hack weekend for this Summer and the growth of the SSAGO Web Team
  • Amalgam: Lots of exciting new technological developments to support Amalgam
  • Team Pink: Work with the new Exec to improve the Team Pink tools available
  • Continue Developing: Continue work on some of the exciting new projects, including the app and SSAGO Credit

Last updated 19/06/2022, 01:38

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Anthoney Gathercole

What I've done
  • Over the last few months, I’ve been helping the Exec with handover in relation to everything to do with National Events. The Exec and Events Officer have met up with all the National and International events since the new Exec taking over and one of the major requests from these meetings was better access to resources. The National Secretary and I updated and rearranged the Events Resources Google Drive Folder and added more resources to the folder so that it is easier to navigate through the folder and find what is wanted easily.
  • A lot of meetings have taken place over the last 3 months. Event committees have been very busy despite the exam season which has meant lots of meeting minutes to read through. I have been working very closely with Viking Rally helping them get ready for the big return of SAGGO Rallies.
  • Everyone loves a mascot in SSAGO and I’ve been in this role now for over a year ( and still no in-person event) but I still do not own a physical mascot for the Events Officer. This will be a top priority along with the car and van magnetic SSAGO reflective signs. Further things that will be done are updating and restocking the first aid kit which a lot of things have unsurprisingly gone out of date since the last in-person event, and updating the How to run a Rally document.
What I'm working on
  • What I’ve done
  • -Rearranged the Events Resources Google Drive Folder, hopefully, future-proofing and making it easy to navigate desired resources.
  • -Reading a lot of meeting minutes from event committees.
  • -Attending meetings with some event committees
  • -Helped in editing the National Events Policy.
  • -Held a hustings session on how to run for national events.
  • What I will do
  • -The Events Officer still doesn’t have a mascot, So I will endeavor to get one before the next (first in a while, I’m so excited) in-person event.
  • -Bring the SSAGO magnetic signs to the next in-person event.
  • -Update the out-of-date first aid kit for future events.

Last updated 01/07/2021, 22:39